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Reindeer Farm Visit near Bodø with Reindeer Feeding

Visit a reindeer farm near Bodo, get up close to the reindeers, try feeding the reindeers directly from your hands! This authentic, small group experience is led by a local reindeer herder who will tell you more about the reindeers and share a glimpse of Sami culture in Northern Norway.

Reindeer Feeding Bodø, Northern Norway.
Reindeer feeding at a reindeer farm in Northern Norway. Photo: Ørjan Bertelsen.

A reindeer farm visit is a fantastic opportunity to learn about the semi-domesticated reindeers and get a brief glance of the Sami culture. In winter season most of the reindeers stay near the farm. That is when you can head into the enclosure and visit the reindeers.

Meet the reindeers; enjoy being close to the reindeers and see how curious and friendly the reindeers are. You will get to feed the reindeers and of course have the opportunity to capture photos.

The reindeers will gather around you to get some of their preferred food. You will learn how to act around the reindeers; be calm, move slowly, and avoid loud noises.

Reindeer Herder with reindeers near a reindeer camp in Bodo, Norway.
A reindeer Herder leading the reindeers near Bodø, Northern Norway. Photo: Inger Sjøberg.

The Sami people are the indigenous people living in Northern Norway. Most Sami today work in mainstream jobs, still about 10% of the Sami make their living from herding reindeer. The majority of the region of Northern Norway is actually used for raising reindeer.

The Sami have their own language and lead sustainable, culture-rich lives close to nature.

During the visit to the reindeer farm you will hopefully get a small taste of how the Sami have a different perspective of life and nature from that of noisy and stressful city life.

An uncertain future? The Sami engaged in reindeer herding are today facing increasingly more challenges from the ever-changing modern world.

Exploitation of their lands, an increasing number of predators, climate change and the disappearance of their ancestral languages are threatening the Sami way of life.

We were really lucky to meet with the reindeer herders, visit the Sami farm near Bodo and feed the reindeers. This was really magical and we couldn't have hoped for a better start of our holiday! Thank you so much Ivar and we will definitely book another tour!
Giulia Sardano


NOK 1600

per person (adults)
Minimum 2 people.
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  • Level

    Easy. Most people can participate in this activity. Please see details below.

  • Duration

    A total of 4 - 5 hours including transport from Bodø. The actual reindeer experience will be 2 h.

  • Group size & Capacity

    2 - 15 people. Larger groups on request.

  • Season & Availability

    October - April. For the summer season you can participate in Sami reindeer herders` work. Please contact us for details.

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