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Northern Lights Tour, Bodo, Northern Norway

Ever dreamt of seeing the Northern Lights? There are few things more magical than seeing the Aurora dancing across the night sky. Bodø is situated just above the Arctic circle, thus a good place to hunt the northern lights. Join us on a small-group northern lights safari from Bodø by car where we venture into the countryside after dark.


Northern Lights Safari Bodø
The Northern Lights above the island of Landegode north of Bodø. Photo: Bjørn Erik Olsen

Between September and April the chances of seeing the Northern Lights in Northern Norway are great. The weather and the geomagnetic prognosis determine where the road takes us on the given day. Put on your warmest clothest and we will take you where the chances of clear skies are the greatest and the best locations for seeing the Northern Lights.

A local guide will lead the way and tell you about this fascinating natural phenomenon. That the lights can be not only green, but sometimes even red, blue and violet? The Northern Lights must have fascinated humans since the beginning of time.

Northern Lights Safari Bodø
Seeing the Aurora dance over a snow covered landscape. Photo: Frank Andreassen

The latin name of the Northern Lights is aurora borealis, which was given by the italian astronormer Galileo Galilei in 1619. He named the lights after Aurora, the roman goddess of dawn and the greek name of the northern wind, Boreas. He thought the Northern Lights were made from rays of sunlight reflecting in the atmosphere. Today, however, we know that the Northern Lights happen when solar winds carry with them electrical charged particles that interact with the earth’s magnetic field and atmosphere.

Bad weather and low geomagnetic activity can limit the chances of seeing the Northern Lights. You will be informed of the chances of seeing the Aurora before departure. If the chances of seeing the Northern Lights are minimal, we will either change the date of the tour or offer you a 90 % refund.


NOK 1850

per person
Minimum 2 people.

  • Level

    Easy. Most people can participate in this activity. Please see details below.

  • Duration

    From 3 to 6 hours. Depends on where and when we see the Northern Lights.

  • Group size & Capacity

    Min. 2 / max. 6 people. Please see details below.

  • Season & Availability

    September - March (April).

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  • Do I need any outdoor experience?

    No proper outdoor experience necessary on this Northern Lights Safari. You will mainly be transported by car, but it might be necessary to hike a little to get to the best places for seeing the Northern Lights.

  • Terrain, distance and elevation

    Depends on the location we visit on the given day, but this is an easy level tour and therefore not very physically demanding.

  • What do I need to bring?

    • Definitely bring a camera!
    • Warm clothes. Dress in wool if you have, to keep warm. Make sure you bring a warm hat, gloves, and a scarf.
    • Warm, sturdy shoes and woolen socks. You’ll be outside for a while and you don’t want to get cold while waiting.
    • A snack and something warm to drink.
    • A little patience. On a Northern Lights Safari it might be necessary to wait a little before the Aurora shows up.


  • Where and when do we meet?

    Where and when do we meet?

    • The meeting point is in the lobby of Scandic Havet Hotel, conveniently located in the town centre. Please see map above.
      If you need pick up somewhere else in Bodø, please contact us to arrange for an alternate location.
    • Meeting time: We operate this tour at fixed times. Please see start times in the booking calendar.
  • Group size - We prefer small groups

    We need a minimum of 2 participants to run this tour. Maximum group size is 5 people.

  • Can I book if I’m on my own?

    Sure! We need a minimum of 2 participants to run this tour. If you are on your own you can either join a group or pay for two participants.

  • Weather cancellation policy

    The Aurora is very elusive and unfortunately we cannot guarantee that we will see the Northern Lights.

    We will therefore let you know the chances of seeing the Northern Lights before departure. If the chances are very slim we will either change the date of the tour (depending on availability) or give you a 90 % refund.