Guided tours

Glacier hiking Svartisen Adventure

Glacier hiking Svartisen

Want to join us for a tour to Svartisen glacier in Northern Norway? Bodø is your starting point for a day trip to Svartisen. An adventure for you who want to get close to the glacier, touch it and walk on it as well. No experience is necessary for a guided glacier trip to Svartisen.

Moose safari in Northern Norway Guided Excursion

Moose safari in Northern Norway

Want to join us for a moose safari in Northern Norway? Experience the thrill of a close meeting with the moose; the largest land animal in Europe. We head out to areas where there is a good chance to see the moose grazing. Our guarantee to you is: No moose seen, no pay!

Stetind - guided climbing Adventure

Stetind - guided climbing

Stetind is one of the greatest climb you can do in Norway. Stetind in Nordland is Norway’s national mountain. A guided trip to Stetind is within reach also without climbing experience. Join us for a guided trip to Stetind!? You need to be fit and have a good head for heights.

Canoeing in Northern Norway Adventure

Canoeing in Northern Norway

Guided canoe daytrip on scenic rivers or lakes. Canoeing is an excellent way to get to know nature around Bodø. This tour is designed for pleasure, not pushing! No previous experience in canoeing is required.

Caving in Northern Norway Adventure

Caving in Northern Norway

From Bodø in Northern Norway you find caves both for beginners and if you are looking for a more thrilling experience. Nordland is the area in Scandinavia with the best possibilities to do caving. Day trips from Bodø on request for small groups.